Group Workshops

Amina Re, LMHC, LMT                                  Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are wounded in relationship and it is in relationship that we can heal.        

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In a playful, safe, and creative space, participants will explore their relational dynamics and have the opportunity to try on new ways of relating, from a more embodied and present state of being.

Maintaining a state of dual awareness, or that of being aware of one’s internal experience at the same time as holding awareness of the external environment, will be the foundation for this work.

Connected movement with self and others will break through the pattern of isolation     and encourage trust and intimacy. Participants will give and receive support, take risks, improvise, initiate and complete interactions. The “dance” becomes the metaphor for life and through it more of life can be experienced.

Authentic movement will be a part of the experience. It will provide another avenue  2 for the body, mind and spirit to express itself and move to greater wholeness.

Journaling and art making will be an element that will provide time and space for internal processing.

Verbal sharing will help integrate the non-verbal/right brain experiences with the more linear, left brain.

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“If you want to get to a new place, you can’t know where you are going.” (Steve Paxton)

                    Quotes from Making Contact:  A Group Process for Couples  

“What I saw when I drew it [our issue] was a tiny little problem in a vast field of beautiful overwhelming love.” 

“With Amina’s skillful facilitation, and creation of a safe, loving container, I experienced profound personal liberation and spontaneous creativity, that I can carry into my daily life. A terrific antidote for these difficult times.”  

“Doing this exercise helped me to see what was my stuff.”

               “I stopped thinking about what I looked like from the outside and was absorbed in how my body felt from the inside.”