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Process Painting Workshops


9:20    Individual session, 9/20/14

Everything is possible on a blank canvas. When the colors, shapes and lines present themselves, they are being interpreted for their meaning. Sensations in the body reveal constrictions or expansions. Choices are made to go in either direction. There is no right direction. The psyche will continue to present unconscious material that needs integration.   It will also present the possibility of creating a new experience. Past, present and future are available in every moment of the creative process, and in every moment of life.



New Schedule for

Process Painting Workshops

August 9, August 30, September 20, October 18, November 15


Next Process Painting Workshop

                      This Saturday, July 26, 10-5

Come play and see what is revealed to you.


The Therapeutic Process

At some point in the process of painting (as in life) something hidden is revealed. It is a crossroads where we can choose to go deeper into what is being uncovered or we can choose to take a familiar path. It’s also a choice to jump to a higher thought form without really looking at what is. I think this is what people refer to as Spiritual Bypass. If we can sit with the discomfort, fear and uncertainty around what is being shown to us, it usually transforms itself. This may happen in steps and not in one big leap.

That which wants to be seen and felt will persist.



Next Process Painting Workshop is next Saturday

                         July 12, 10-5.

Come join us.   Sliding scale this session $75 – $125.



The healing artwork I did with your guidance allowed me, truly, to have a deep “conversation” with myself — one without the confusion of words. It just happened this way, as I painted and mused over my painting. Since then, I have the feeling that this art process is a channel for some of the feelings I have left unexamined, though not because I haven’t tried; rather, because they were not available in words.  I now believe I can discover them in images — or rather through images. This is an uncanny process of reaching toward the canvas as I reach toward the feeling; this, despite the outcome, is my conversation.   Amy Taylor   amy-violin