Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child work with Amina is a trauma informed and experiential process in which you will learn to see, hear, love and protect your inner child. One of the first steps in this process is gaining discernment between inner child and adult self.  You will then learn to cultivate your inner parent, who will be the one to take care of your inner child.

“Essential Connection” by Amina Re – 2014

Modalities can include empty chair work, art therapy, somatic awareness, and constellation work, which is akin to psychodrama. Through these modalities you will have an embodied experience of caring for your inner child. This immediately affects your ability to self-regulate and begin to heal the trauma stored in your body and psyche. 

You do not need to relive your trauma in order to heal from it. You can learn to recognize when you are triggered and reacting from your younger selves and immediately begin to soothe that part of self with your developed inner parent. In doing so, you will experience a dramatic shift in functionality. You will begin to love yourself, and thus have healthier interpersonal relationships. The inner child begins to relax and feel safe enough to be able to become curious and playful again, or maybe for the first time ever. 

This approach is very effective when working with issues of codependency, love and sex addiction, and fear of abandonment.