Couples Sessions

Amina Re, LMHC, LMT                                  Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are wounded in relationship and it is in relationship that we heal.            

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The first step to greater intimacy is slowing down and connecting with what exists in the  2moment.  When each person in a dyad becomes aware of the sensations in their own body, they begin to have greater awareness of the dynamics in their relationship.  It is a deeper conversation based on subtle, non-verbal communications. When this awareness is coupled with movement and touch between the couple, profound and subtle awarenesses arise spontaneously. 

img_4517The therapist serves as a present and grounded guide to help couples become more embodied and present with each other.  This guideance can provide the invitation for a shift in the “dance” or interaction between the couple that leads to more clarity, harmony, balance, joy and creativity.  Couples may create visual imagery together as a way to communicate, connect, and problem solve.