About Amina

I began exploring the human condition through my art in my early twenties. After a traumatic birth experience with my son in 1991 I began painting almost everyday, which has continued to the present time. I’ve developed a process of painting that supports healing trauma.

In 1998 I had a dream I could heal with my hands. I pursued training in Reikki and Chakra Healing and other esoteric modalities.

In 2002 I graduated from Arizona School of Integrative Studies with a diploma in Massage. Therapy. I went on to study Cranial Sacral Therapy through three approaches:  Michael Shea’s Biodynamic, Hughe Milne’s Visionary, and Upledger’s Biomechanical.  I had a private practice in Maryland for ten years.

In 2006 I discovered contact improvisational dance and passionately pursued any opportunity to explore the form.

When I moved to Santa Fe in 2010, I began teaching Contact Improvisational Dance. I also continued doing massage with an emphasis on helping my clients foster a spiritual and energetic connection with the Divine.

In 2016 I graduated from Highlands University with a Masters in Counseling.

In 2017 I began teaching workshops for couples and for women using contact improvisational dance as a way to explore and heal relational dynamics.

From late 2017 to the present I have been working at Life Healing Center, a residential treatment center for clients who have experienced extreme trauma in their lives. In this time I have developed a way of working with trauma that involves helping clients reorient themselves to be able to care for parts of themselves that were abandoned, neglected, or abused. In this way they can become more whole and capable of having healthy and satisfying connections in and with life.

I bring all of my experiences to my work with clients. I believe in the healing power of the creative process combined with human connection.

To schedule an appointment call 410-507-4126.  Office is centrally located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.